When I was a boy I was taught the signposts on the road to tyranny.

National IDs

Gun control

Warrantless searches

Internal checkpoints

Wars of aggression

Massive domestic spying

Denial of due process

Asset forfeiture

Indefinite detentions


Summary execution.

Reading about World War Two in high school, I had to wonder how the Germans could have allowed Hitler to lead them down that path so clearly marked to ultimate ruin and the destruction of their nation.

I told myself I would never allow that to happen here. I promised myself if I saw that happen in my country I would dig in my heels and resist.

Then I watched in horror as the demopublicans began to enact each of these signposts. True to my word, thirty years ago I began to resist. I became politically active beyond merely voting.

By 1992 I had found my vehicle in the Libertarian Party. Today I am their nominee for US Congress in North Carolina's lucky 13th District. The gerrymandered puppy dog district.

I expect this to be the most hotly contested election in North Carolina this year. You have a chance to be part of it. Will you follow the demopublicans on down this dark path? Or will you help turn the tide?