Policy Positions

Top three legislative priorities

1. End the wars

I am a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam war. I was one of the few who still believed President LBJ in 1968.

I was too young back then to heed the words of this nations founders. They warned that govt was a dangerous tool. Like fire or a loaded gun govt should never be trusted.

It took twenty years to declassify White House records proving LBJ lied about the gulf of tonkin. He had been using US naval ships to support combat operations against North Vietnamese soil.

Now after twenty eight years of war under five presidents both democrat and republican how many lies have they told to keep their wars going. And spreading?

It is time to end it. It is time to bring the troops home. If any one wants to follow them those troops will be waiting. Along with hundreds of millions of Americans.

If you want to build a wall put them on the border. If you think their time would be better spent farming or building Harley Davidsons or houses and golf courses let them do that.

But this insane demopublican lust to rule the world must end. I would like you to send me to Washington to put a stop to it.

2. Reform taxes

I would like to take the burden of the federal government of your shoulders and place it squarely on the governors. He is far better equiped to “negotiate” with the federal govt than an individual citizen.

As it is now the federal govt collects the most taxes from the people. Then it uses that money to bribe our state legislature into letting the feds set our drinking ages, our speed limits, our school curriculums, even our bathrooms.

The state administration does not mind that. They do not get the blame for high taxes because it is the feds doing most of the collecting. And the bribes are very handy for buying votes. They are able to reward their supporters with money taken from their detractors.

I propose to amend the 16th amendment to read: “the federal government may only tax states.” Thus repealing all other taxes.

In the meantime I pledge to vote for no tax increase.

3. Unrig the elections

The US Supreme Court ruled twice that the 2016 North Carolina elections were unconstitutionally rigged. And the Court did not even consider the conflicts North Carolina statutes have with The Constitution of North Carolina.

Citizens have a right to vote for the constitutionally eligible person of their choice. Not just the one or two choices the legislature allows to be printed on their ballot!

Somehow that always turns out to be the lesser evil rather than the greater good. This year due the sacrifice of many you may even be offered three choices. But as in the movie Rogue One that sacrifice is for nothing if it is not acted upon.